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How to Choose the Right Car for You

A car is probably the second largest purchase you will ever make (after a house), so picking the right one is crucial. Here are the most important things you should consider to make sure you end up picking the right car for you. Once you’ve read these tips, check out our car chooser – it’s a great way of narrowing…


Use This Decision to Get Your Tires Right This Winter

It’s time. The winter slip and slide. And since you can’t sit winter out curled up by the fireplacesipping « hotcocoa” you’re just going to have to get your tires right. Once you’ve driven on winterlanding tires, you won’t feel the need to stayclose to home and you won’t go back to an all-season tire in the…


Volkswagen Just Made the Golf R Even Faster

New Performance Pack option for VW’s hot hatch gets big brakes and more speed. For the sum of £2,300 (on top of the ‘base’ hatch’s £32,710), you can amp up your Volkswagen Golf R to 166mph. Yes folks, it’s time for the Performance Pack option for Volkswagen’s venerable Golf R hot hatch. For that £2,300 outlay,…


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